A revolution in experiencing wargaming

One Man Voice is a brand making unique 3D printable models for tabletop & wargaming

The goal

I provide complete, optimized models to print and assemble your own accessories. Uncanny aesthetics of my designs enhance immersion, excitement and fun for any wargaming.

I prepared some basic structures to invite you into the world of One Man Voice which we can all expand together.

Atmospheric lightning
optimized for 3D printing
easy post-processing
Attention to details
Optimized for low-cost and available resources
Coherent aesthetics suitable for many games


After a few years, it’s time to share my biggest project with one of you! For more details, please contact me by e-mail -> contact@onemanvoice.com

Sci-Fi campaigns I and II!

Fantasy campaign I!

First Sci-Fi campaign trailer

Sci-fi model sets

3 different sets of models have been prepared depending on the environment in which the campaign takes place.

Universe story

Hundreds of years ago, we belonged to the Earth. But we had to abandon our home planet and move forward. It was shred into pieces during a collision with a massive asteroid. We became homeless and desperate to find a new beginning in nearby galaxies. Then we found it. The climate was perfect for life to flourish, but the scale… The scale was beyond us. Everything was ten times bigger. Ground formations, waters, plants, and creatures. Some of them reminiscent of primordial Earthlings. Not friendly, but friendliness hadn’t been our virtue before, either…

Everything was colossal, overwhelming. Especially STILL, a blue, radiant crystal that we found, a source of energy more powerful than everything we had known before. Our technology became more forceful when powered by STILL. We could easily overcome any threat, and embrace the planet. Finally, we called it STILL. Our power and our planet became one. Yet, there are many beings in the outer space hungry for STILL. We have to protect it at all costs. It’s time to fortify…


My mission is to develop and enrich the wargaming experience. I want to inspire and encourage you to activate your imagination and creativity.

More and more available and affordable 3D print technology allows you to create almost anything without limitations. 

One Man Voice was created to build a community of board gamers, amateurs as well as professionals, and connect them through a rich universe, full of stories yet to discover.

Creative background

The founder of One Man Voice is Maciej Stalmach, an automation specialist by education, and a designer by 4 years experience. He has always been interested in 3D modeling and the latest technologies. From a passion for science fiction, post-apocalyptic aesthetics, and games, the idea was born.

After gaining the appropriate knowledge, he decided to prepare unique and technically advanced models for 3D printing, set in his authorship universe.